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There are five reasons why studying is the best pathway to PR in Canada. Studying not only opens your mind to knowledge; it also gives you many options to stay in Canada permanently. Students invest a lot of their effort, time and money when they come to Canada. Canada definitely understands the value of international students and provides many options for them to stay back when they finish their studies. Canada needs students as much as students needs Canada. This is like a symbiotic relationship with a fair exchange. This may be a bold statement; however, it backed by evidence, policy and combined with data analysis.

International Education Strategy (2019-2024):
Canada Immigration Levels Plan:
Work in Canada after you graduate:
Who can apply for an Open Work Permit:
Compare all Express Entry Programs:

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5 Reasons to Study in Canada:
My Study Permit Timeline:
How I got my Letter of Acceptance:
Fastest Way to Immigrate to Canada:

Study Permit Refusal Cases:
Money and Finances:
Study to PR Pathway DIY:
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My Immigration Journey:

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26 bình luận trong “BEST PATHWAY TO PR IN CANADA 🇨🇦

  1. Guys, just check the recent Express Entry draw – specifically Draw 176!

    Date: Feb 13, 20201
    Type: CEC Draw
    CRS Cut-off Score: 75 points
    ITAs issued: 27,332


    I think IRCC is making it very clear who they are targeting. They want people with Canadian experience, primarily students that work a skilled job after graduation.

    To the students that applied 2-3 years ago and didn’t know what it would amount to, well now you know 😜❤️🥰

    There’s no competition for CEC people. They can simply breathe at this point and still get invited 😂😂 But everyone else may need to try a bit harder.

  2. Good day po!
    Gusto ko po mag ask anong mas better 1 year program + 1 year pgwp or 2 years program + 2 or 3 pgwp? Hindi ko po alam kung anong pipiliin ko po 🙁 thank you so much

  3. Hi po! Do they also offer two-year Master in Business Administration for International students at BCIT? And is there any scholarship available as well for such students? 😊

  4. Hi thank you very much, what about of age of 42, can I get a study visa and permit in this age, because education gap is approx 20 years?? ))
    Thank you in advance.)

  5. Your videos are so informative. Really gave me ideas about the process of applying. I'm planning to study in Vancouver, which has been my goal since I went for a vacation there back at 2018.

    Keep up the good work. 👍👍👍

  6. Good evening po! Ask ko lang po sana if kailangan pa po ba ng atleast 1 yr working experience dito sa Pinas para lang po makapagwork while studying sa canada? 😊

  7. Hi, Rachel. I'm also from PH 😊 I always watch your vlog and it's really a big help for me especially that i will process my visa this year. Rach, I got some queries about BCIT, if you may give me a bit help; I already sent you a pm in your facebook, hope it's fine. Thank you so much rach! God bless you! 🙏

  8. Hi my sister also wants to apply for student visa in Canada in PG..but her academic score is below it possible to apply for canada with only 48% on bachelor

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