D&D Talk Episode 04: Classes

D&D Talk Episode 04: Classes

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In this episode, we discuss the Classes found in the PHB (Player’s Handbook) and go over an overview of what the main features are of a each class. We also define the following fully:

– Proficiency Bonus
– Hit Dice

While also hinting at the nature of Subclasses, but, for sake of time, we will cover those in full depth later when we give full attention to each class in their own videos.

Here are the classes (in order!) as we discuss them!
– Barbarian
– Bard
– Cleric
– Druid
– Fighter
– Monk
– Paladin
– Ranger
– Rogue
– Sorcerer
– Warlock
– Wizard

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The next video will be getting into the backgrounds (where your character comes from) in D&D.

Your character’s class is the best indicator of what they will be capable of as an adventurer. Which one stands out the most to you? Let me know in the comments below! Id love to chat with you about it!

Until then friends, thanks for stopping by and as always: Adventure is calling. Are you listening?

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