Phuket first October : Thailand travel update

Phuket first October : Thailand travel update

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Phuket first October .
All the private sector in Phuket all agree to set October 1 to welcome the vaccinated tourist with no need a quarantine
anyway there are 5 fact that need to be clear from the government
the first one is a clear information the government about if no quarantine requried for a vaccinated tourist , which vaccine will be recognize from the government , at the moment thai land only approve from 2 companies , sinovax and astrazeneneca vaccine , so how to manage incase that if some tourist take the vaccine from the other company like pfizer , novavax , Modena ,
2nd charity from the government is about the distribution of the vaccine for people who lives in Phuket ,
3rd approval from the government that the administrative organization in Phuket can buy the vaccine by them self for their people
4th is a clarity about the other vacine company, to be able to use .
And the last one is the approval from the government that the companies can buy the the vaccine from a private hospital for their staff

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22 bình luận trong “Phuket first October : Thailand travel update

  1. Graham Foster
    Thank you for the video. I miss everything about Thailand. Sounds a great idea to quarantine on such a beautiful island. I know so many people who cannot wait to come back to Thailand.

  2. Dear Thai Tan,
    I have read this article today from The Thaiger Thailand interesting newspaper, I recommend you read it completely, I have only put a part ,,, Thank you very much for your nice answer and do not lower your spirits that the last thing you lose is hope after the tunnel comes the light;
    Just 2 months ago, the Minister of Tourism and Sports announced that Thailand could expect 10 million visitors in 2021. In January, he coincidentally halved that prediction to just 5 million. A realistic prediction would be more like 500,000 … but even that will require some things to fall in Thailand's favor in no time …

    Large-scale vaccination of its population and rapid improvement in the global infection rate and reopening of the borders of other countries.

    For the latter, it is simply impossible to track Covid-19 trends, especially since we are now seeing new variants of the virus appear, challenging previous treatment regimens and the possible effectiveness of current vaccines that are being rolled out around the world.

    For the former, the hesitation of the Thai government and the inability to announce firm start dates for widespread vaccination make local predictions of reopening impossible.

  3. Thank you for all your hard work in keeping us informed. I had Astra Jabs already in UK but UK Gov. Will not give Covid Vaccine Passport because of discrimination against those who choose it cannot have Vaccine. I feel very sad for the good hardworking people of Thailand like yourself who rely on Tourism. I want to come but cannot. Stay Healthy.🙏❤️🇹🇭

  4. I loved your optimistic video and knowing how badly they are going through at the moment in Thailand in general, something very important today in this new world that we are living to think in October that tourism will return after having been vaccinated sounds a bit hypothetical because I do not think it will happen because here in Europe before September hopefully a large part of the population will be vaccinated but that does not mean that we can travel again as we did before this will take two to three years to recover and have the confidence to return To travel, do not forget either that the economic crisis only touched Asia, Europe is very affected and to travel again to a country where the currency is very strong, such as the bath, at the moment I do not think they will travel easily to a An expensive country knowing that there are other countries not far from Europe much cheaper than Thailand, it is a great shame but it is the reality that there is at the moment and nobody can assure you that it is done. they don't have plans to travel outside of Europe this year regrettable dear friend, I loved your video and I follow you from here from Belgium a big hug and you take care of yourself

  5. I miss my dear friend Bebe and her family . Cocktails at sunset and the amazing food , so much more that I miss.. Sun,beach, peace and relaxation 🥰😪

  6. Nice video. Sorry to say I think your dreaming with world tourists returning in October 2021. The way it is in the rest of the world at present, it'll be the end of 2022 at the earliest. Even then might be to early. TAT say it'll be 2024 before it'll get back to anything like normal, and their always optimistic. Best of luck. But I think people in Phuket and other tourist resorts, are in for a tough time. Hope I'm wrong but I can't see it.

  7. Sawatdee Khrap Namtan, Thankyou for the update…I miss Thailand’s atmosphere, food, beaches & most importantly the great Thai people like yourself Namtan. I have my fingers crossed for travel later this year but fear it might not happen. The Thai government don’t appear to working well with tourism sector to help the situation. Hang in there Namtan. We will be back, hopefully sooner rather than later.🤞🤗

  8. Thanks for the update. I have note visited Phuket in more than 15 years although I have visited Thailand more recently than that. With the current worldwide situation and the restrictions here at home I unfortunately won't be planning a holiday until at least late 2022. I want to book a holiday with confidence but there are just too many unknowns at the moment. October this year is just too early for me.

  9. here in Norway manny have given the phizer vacine. There is some issue about aztra zeneca. So if thailand dont prove other then aztra they will have problem. The 3 vaccine is called moderna

  10. I miss the Beautiful Thai people the most! My heart aches for you, and I'm so worried about how you're all going to recover from this! Sending much love to you, Namtan.. please stay safe 🥰

  11. My mother-in-law gets nothing from the Government in Thailand 🇹🇭 just want we send I hear that the Chinese vaccine is the best one to get because it’s done in one hit and not separate shots. And I heard soo from a researcher from Oxford. Very good video, very informative. Will share it!

  12. I miss You as my tour guide who is so caring and knowlegeable.Hope to come Phuket again without all the restrictions and controls. I am sure everyone misses Phuket .Phuket must survive as D destination for the best R&R .I urge the Garmen to be more proactive and act fast to protect the tourism industry from falling apart.

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