Tiêu Chiến Vương Nhất Bác Được Hàn Quốc Yêu Thích, Phim Trương Triết Hạn Cung Tuấn Sẽ Có 2 Kết Thúc

Tiêu Chiến Vương Nhất Bác Được Hàn Quốc Yêu Thích, Phim Trương Triết Hạn Cung Tuấn Sẽ Có 2 Kết Thúc

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1. Trương Triết Hạn Cung Tuấn 2 người này trên phim trường quan hệ rất tốt. Tuy nhiên, cả 2 đều là trai thẳng nên đùa giỡn cũng rất bạo chớ không hề có mờ ám gì cả. Ngày 6/3, trên mạng xã hội Weibo xôn xao thông tin Thiên Nhai Khách đã quay tận 2 đoạn kết. Một đoạn kết khiến khán giả vui sướng vô cùng, nhưng đoạn kết còn lại sẽ cực kì bi kịch.

2. Để có trạng thái tốt nhất đi thảm đỏ Đêm Hội Weibo mà Dương Tử đã chuẩn bị từ rất sớm (ăn uống, tập thể dục). Cuối cùng dựa vào việc đã gầy đi gây chú ý, từ khóa “Dương Tử gầy đi thật nhiều” cũng nằm trên hot search rất lâu.

3. Mới đây, thông tin Jisoo (BLACKPINK) được Dior tuyên bố danh phận Đại sứ thương hiệu toàn cầu, một phát “ẵm” luôn cả hai mảng thời trang và làm đẹp đã khiến cho đông đảo Cnet tỏ thái độ phẫn nộ cho rằng nhà mốt danh tiếng đang phân biệt đối xử, coi đại sứ bên Hàn là “con cưng” còn sao Trung chỉ là “con ghẻ”.

4. Mới đây, một blogger Hàn Quốc đã chọn ra 8 nam diễn viên đẹp trai Trung Quốc nổi tiếng nhất mà cư dân mạng xứ Kim Chi yêu thích. Bài đăng này nhanh chóng thu hút sự chú ý từ người hâm mộ Hoa ngữ trên mạng xã hội Weibo. Dưới đây là danh sách những nam thần được khán giả Hàn Quốc “lựa chọn”
1. Zhang Zhehan Gong Jun The two people on set have a very good relationship. However, both of them are straight boys, so they are also very joking, not shady at all. On March 6, on the Weibo social network, there was a buzz that “Word of Honor” had finished two ends. One ending will make the audience extremely happy, but the other will be extremely tragic.

2. For the best condition, go to the red carpet Weibo Festival that Yang Zi prepared very early (eating, exercising). Finally based on the attention-grabbing weight loss, the keyword “Yang Zi thinner” has been on hot search for a long time.

3. Recently, the news that Jisoo (BLACKPINK) was declared by Dior as a global brand ambassador, a “take” of both fashion and beauty sectors has made many Cnet angry at home. Fad of fame is discriminating, considering Korean ambassadors a “pet” and why Trung is just a “stepchild”.

4. Recently, a Korean blogger has selected 8 most famous handsome Chinese actors that Kim Chi netizens love. This post quickly attracted attention from Chinese fans on the social network Weibo. Below is a list of the male gods “selected” by the Korean audience.
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21 bình luận trong “Tiêu Chiến Vương Nhất Bác Được Hàn Quốc Yêu Thích, Phim Trương Triết Hạn Cung Tuấn Sẽ Có 2 Kết Thúc

  1. Have you ever wondered why every time you watch a Xiao Zhan video, either a CP or a WYB one will almost always pop up afterwards? They’ve probably paid the platform, all done so they can subtlety brainwash you, first from a XZ fan or new untamed fan to A CP fan, and then from a CP fan to a WYB solo fan.

    Why is YouTube/Twitter/Instagram full of shipper videos manipulating normal interactions and photoshopped pictures for candies? They are probably all paid.

    Why do some channels refuse to unbundle them even though the untamed is 2 years ago (filmed 3 years ago, BTS Footage is 3 years old) and they are now working on separate projects and have no more interaction?

    Do you see channels/videos/news bundling Yang Zi and Deng Lun after Ashes of Love? What about Mark Chao and Yang Mi after Peach Blossoms?
    No, so why do you think this is normal? Is WYB not able to stand on his own 2 feet?
    Why aren’t these channels treating them as 2 separate people?

    Why are there so many deluded shippers constantly getting high over non existent candies or candies fed by the captain of the ship (WYB) All these videos with fake subs from 3 years ago and in slow motion trying to portray “romantic” interactions. Because many of them are probably paid black PR employees and the rest are just brainwashed.

    If you look at BTS from other XZ dramas you will realize that he is nice to all his colleagues and behaves the same with them all. Just that those clips are not manipulated to portray something that it’s not.

    Why do they want to brainwash you? Because WYB relies on CP fans to support him and his endorsements. Analysis of the buyer guilds of his new song has shown that 70% of them were CP fans. That’s why he won’t let this ship go. He doesn’t have many solo fans and many have since left after getting annoyed with his candy feeding ways.

    Look at how he’s feeding those Cp fans with candy during 2020 when XZ was affected by the 227 incident

    More recent candy feeding/data stealing

    Why is WYB always kadianing XZ’s birthday at 10.05 for all his endorsement Weibo posts? While XZ never kadians anything related to WYB? Why is all the candy always one sided and fed by WYB? While XZ never feeds any candy?

    Who benefitted most from 227?
    During 227 the antis used all means to target XZ, even harassing his ex-colleagues and rumoured future collaborators such as He Jiong, however strangely they did not touch WYB and even voted for him in various polls

    If they were really “together” or “good friends” wouldn’t that be the best way to take XZ down?

    During 227 why were CP fans encouraging each other to buy WYB’s endorsements under the guise of him having to make money to take care of his “partner” for the future since he has no career anymore. While at the same time not providing support to XZ and not even buying his endorsements?

    What’s going to happen when XZ’s dramas get released? Especially oath of love, all the sweet scenes with Yang Zi. Who’s going to lose out? Will those CP fans stay? What will happen when all the BL dramas get released later this year? Will the CP fans stay? That’s why they want to turn you into WYB solos ASAP.

    The truth behind the 227 incident

    It’s written by a neutral ao3 user who is fluent in both Chinese and English and who followed the events since March 2020 and is updated continually.

    Chapter 10 is when everything starts to unravel and the culprits get exposed

    More links to evidence in the latest chapters

    Comments – expands upon the motives and actions of the parties. Chapter 18 comments is a good place to start.

    It’s a long and complicated read, but it will help you understand what, why and who has been behind the events.

    Here is another site:

    https://findthetruth2.godaddysites.com Though bit more difficult to understand for non chinese readers

    When it was revealed that WYB’s own fans spearheading the 227 campaign to bring down his “friend” he did he not say a word to ask his fans to stop. (This hate campaign is still happening and it is evident if you follow Weibo). However after the motorcycle crash in October last year his fans started to scold the other racer online. Within 30 minutes WYB posted on Weibo to ask his fans to stop their scolding. Yet he didn’t have the decency to do the same for XZ did he?

    Lastly, there are many ex CP/WYB fans who have since learned the truth and have formed an ex fans guild. This guild on Netease (the music platform that sells his song) currently has over 10k members and is still increasing day by day. Google translate the comments and see what they say. Many ex fans joined this guild after various incidents, such as the unmasking of 227 to be his big fans, the motorcycle incident, the perfume reflection incident etc.

    Note that this guild can only be joined by ppl who have bought WYB’s single Wugan which was released on Netease. You can see how many copies each person has bought in the list. The top 10 have bought more than 600 copies EACH, with the top 1 buying 1314 copies. These are ex fans who have spent tons of money on WYB


    Now about CP fans, if you think that they are fans of both artists equally then watch this video. See how they only buy when there is candy. When the seller clarifies that there is no candy they return the product. Does that sound like they are supporting Xiao Zhan?

    As for those who think that BJYX is a peaceful, love promoting fandom, I suggest you look at this tweet

    This person had her personal details posted online just because she started to question the actions and behaviour of the CP fandom.

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