Universities in a Post Covid World

Universities in a Post Covid World

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Universities in a Post Covid World
A panel discussion to explore the post-covid university. Featuring 5 distinguished university leaders, all members of CEU’s Board of Trustees. With the presidents of Bard College; University of California, Berkeley; Wirtschafts Universität, Vienna; University of Oxford; and CEU.

PARTICIPANTS Leon Botstein, President Bard College, Chairman, CEU Board of Trustees Carol T. Christ, Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley, CEU Trustee Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, Rector, Wirtschafts Universität, Vienna, CEU Trustee Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford, CEU Trustee MODERATOR Michael Ignatieff, President and Rector, CEU

Throughout history, human communities have experienced pandemic outbreaks and economic disruptions, but none of those had an immediate and world-wide effect. Due to an-almost simultaneous outbreak on all continents, COVID-19 hit everybody. Whether at school, university or work, the pandemic and lockdown has changed radically the way we think, we work, we interact. Our panelists, all leaders of prestigious higher education institutions, engage in an open and visionary discussion on how they each imagine universities will change once the pandemic is over.

As they are members of our Board of Trustees, their vision may be of special interest for the CEU community.
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