What Is TheCIL?

What Is TheCIL?

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What Is TheCIL?
The Center for Independent Living (TheCIL) provides advocacy and services that increase awareness, collaboration, and opportunity among people with disabilities and the community.

Our programs provide people with skills, knowledge, and resources that empower them to eliminate damaging and stereotypical notions of disability so that they can strive toward realizing their full human potential.

We emerged from the independent living movement of the 1960s as a powerful social catalyst on the University of California at Berkeley campus. There, Ed Roberts, Hale Zukas, and Jan McEwan Brown joined forces to lead a movement that made the university’s full academic and social life accessible to all. In 1972, these students and community members joined The Center for Independent Living, Inc.

From 1975 to 2011, our headquarters were located near the UC Berkeley campus on 2539 Telegraph Avenue. There, we provided services for people with disabilities that included wheelchair repair, assistance finding accessible and affordable housing, and vocational training. TheCIL also hosted the first national conference on independent living in 1975. Our peer-based services were so successful that today we serve as a model for roughly 400 independent living centers nationwide, as well as similar programs in 20 countries.

Learn more about us at thecil.org. To contact us, call us at (510) 841-4776 or email us at [email protected]

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @thecilofficial, and Linkedin at linkedin.com/compay/thecil.

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