Why I'm Not Traveling | 2021 Travel Plans

Why I'm Not Traveling | 2021 Travel Plans

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In this video I wanted to take a quick time out to let you know more about why I’m not traveling right now and what my 2021 travel plans look like (so far.)

Obviously everyone has different plans (and opinions) on travel in 2021 and who should and shouldn’t be traveling, so this is just my personal feelings on the matter and what makes me most comfortable.

Curious to hear more about my take on travel this year and the culture of travel shaming? Be sure to check out my video Travel Shaming vs. Accountability here and check out some of our “tourism board approved” adventures from this crazy year at the link below 👇

Short on time? No worries at all! Use the links below to skip ahead in today’s video to the topic that interests you most 👇

00:00 Introduction
01:54 Disclaimer
02:31 Why I’m Not Traveling
03:23 Changing Travel Requirements
04:24 Local Resources and Availability
06:35 Canadian Airport Access
07:39 COULD I Travel?
08:15 … In Conclusion

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9 bình luận trong “Why I'm Not Traveling | 2021 Travel Plans

  1. Just some further clarification 👇

    I do know long term travelers and remote workers who have traveled this year and done so while following travel advisories and traveling safely. This video is meant to highlight why I (personally) am not traveling at the moment and is not meant to travel shame anyone in any way. If these factors help to shed light on why you may (or may not) want to travel then that's great. If not, then please view this video as an update on where we are right now and what you can expect from the TL Travel channel this year.

    Cheers and safe travels!

    Update: This video is also from the perspective of someone who does no currently have access to the vaccine as I am not an essential worker. Obviously as the vaccine becomes more widely available these factors may change 🙂

  2. Totally understandable, there's a pandemic on, simple as! I haven't been abroad since 2019 😒 The best I did last year was a boarder crossing from England to Scotland

  3. I totally agree with you in the fact that its very complex and complicated to travel right now. I'd love to get to somewhere warm right now but will have to make due with Manitoba for now lol

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